Out-of-the-Box Cyber Threat Intelligence Function

Your Instant Cyber Threat Intelligence Operation

SurfWatch Cyber Advisor helps you immediately establish or extend your threat intelligence operation by:

  • Building and updating your personalized cyber risk profile
  • Collecting relevant cyber threat data from a wide range of open and Dark Web sources
  • Providing visibility of trending threats and risks to your business as well as within your supply chain
  • Continuously monitoring for cyber risks based on your profile
  • Delivering “to-the-point”, finished intel reports on relevant threats with recommended mitigation actions
  • Relying on a team of intel analysts and SecOps experts to conduct in-depth research for specific concerns

With SurfWatch Cyber Advisor, you have visibility of your growing digital risk footprint and know how to address relevant threats before it’s too late.


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Our threat intelligence analysts are with you each step of the way to:

  • Tailor dashboards to show timely threat intel, with multiple views based on the concerns of your business and those of your unique stakeholders
  • Provide deep analysis of cyber risk trends that may impact your business and/or industry
  • Investigate and support takedown efforts
  • Conduct malware research and TTP analysis
  • Access and verify your business sensitive data on the dark web, including processing bitcoin transactions
  • Deliver threat impact assessments and threat-specific playbooks

As part of Cyber Advisor you get a team of dedicated analysts who proactively monitor your organization’s specific threat landscape and who can also conduct specialized research per your direction.


With SurfWatch Cyber Advisor, you gain a threat intelligence-based approach to security, helping you to analyze and make more informed risk management decisions. Redirect your cyber defenses to address threats that matter most.

Gain an intelligence-based approach to security, helping you make more informed risk management decisions and redirect your cyber defenses to address threats that matter most.

  • Immediately deploy a turnkey threat intelligence operation to drive your security strategy
  • Extend your existing intel capability with our experienced analyst team
  • Hone in on the specific cyber risks your business faces
  • Gain visibility of your supply chain cyber risks
  • Understand Dark Web threats targeting your business and customers
  • Quickly address risks based on prescribed threat mitigation steps
  • Easily use and share intel with many groups across the organization


The SurfWatch Cyber Advisor solution combines analytics, products and human experts to immediately establish your cyber threat intelligence operation that drives a prioritized set of tactical defenses. This comprehensive solution takes a lifecycle approach that builds out your personalized cyber risk profile, performs a baseline risk assessment, and continuously monitors your risk profile against relevant, trending threats. When new threats arise to your business, you also get a prescribed set of best practices to effectively mitigate the risk to your organization.


Our cyber analyst team works with you to identify your key cyber risk areas including your: industry profile, business processes, stakeholders, critical IT infrastructure, customers and suppliers, brands, proprietary assets, sensitive information and key competitors. As part of building your cyber risk profile, we automatically scan your perimeter and external, customer-facing systems for discovery and monitoring of potential vulnerabilities.

Additionally, we can build out your cyber risk dossier to include collection and analysis of threats from the Dark Web.

Your cyber risk profile is used as the basis for cyber event data collection, analysis, alerting, reporting and monitoring on not only your technical risks, but also the impact on your key business processes.


Based on your cyber risk profile, our threat intelligence and analytics engine, collects evaluated intel relevant to your organization and industry, from hundreds of thousands of sources, including:

  • Cyber Expert Blogs and News Feeds
  • Vulnerability Reports (CVEs)
  • Social Media
  • PII Release Reports (HIPAA)
  • Open Source COTS Issues Reports
  • Government Data Breaches
  • Phishing Reports
  • Dark Web Markets and Forums
  • Paste sites

The SurfWatch threat intelligence and analytics engine leverages natural language and human processing to accurately present relevant threat-related information in a format anyone can understand. Additionally, our cyber analyst team can perform additional research-driven data collection upon request.


The cyber analyst team tailors SurfWatch Threat Analyst to map to your organization’s key business areas, with unique risk monitoring dashboards, alert parameters and reporting guidelines. Using the personalized SurfWatch Threat Analyst, a baseline risk assessment and in-depth cyber risk profile report are created and include:

  • Detailed analysis of your cyber strengths and weaknesses
  • Specific best practice recommendations to help you make more informed decisions around your cyber defense tactics
  • Collaborative session with the analyst team to ensure proper understanding of the cyber intelligence


Your cyber threat analyst team will proactively alert you to any threats that match your cyber risk profile. Additionally you can:

  • Customize the alerting process in terms of who is notified, as well as frequency.
  • Receive regular intelligence reports summarizing relevant threat information collected and analyzed, along with updated best practice recommendations for mitigation.


SurfWatch Cyber Advisor monitors for changes to your organization's risk profile, alerts you to changes in your threat landscape, and delivers a prescribed set of cybersecurity best practices to help you ensure the most effective defense. During the subscription period you will:

  • Gain access to SurfWatch Threat Analyst so your team can review, monitor and analyze the intel
  • Receive training on Threat Analyst so you can become more proficient with threat intelligence over the long term
  • Have the most up-to-date threat analysis through ongoing alerting and reporting
  • Receive updated list of phishing URLS and IPs based on SurfWatch-collected data, along with assistance in notifying providers to initiate "takedown"
  • Have the analyst team on standby, through our Ask the Analyst capability, to answer any ad hoc threat intelligence related questions