Threat Intel
Build or Enhance
Your Cyber Threat Intelligence Operation
SurfWatch Labs - strategic and operational cyber threat intelligence.


Every organization has different needs and capabilities when it comes to threat intelligence. SurfWatch Labs delivers products tailored to your business to help you quickly establish your cyber threat intelligence operation or to enhance your existing intel efforts. SurfWatch threat intelligence products include:

  • Expert threat analysis and risk mitigation recommendations personalized for your organization
  • SaaS-based threat analysis product that allows you to visualize, understand and plan for specific threats to your business
  • Evaluated cyber threat intelligence feed that easily integrates with your existing security environment through our API

SurfWatch Cyber Advisor

Combining useful analytics, applications and human expertise, SurfWatch Cyber Advisor can serve as your cyber threat intelligence team. Instead of building out an expensive threat intelligence function, SurfWatch Cyber Advisor can give you a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution that drives smarter security decisions.

  • Ensure continuous risk monitoring, expertise and support
  • Gain a prescribed set of "go-do’s" to ensure the most effective defense
  • Leverage products, analytics, education and training to have visibility and control over your threat intelligence and to facilitate common understanding with your SurfWatch analyst team

SurfWatch Cyber Advisor helps you immediately establish or extend your threat intelligence operation.

SurfWatch Threat Analyst provides complete visibility of threats targeting your business and supply chain.


Quickly gain visibility of relevant external threats to your business, supply chain and industry. With SurfWatch Threat Analyst you can:

  • Understand the trending cyber threats, including actors, targets, effects and practices based on key business areas, your designated industry and time period
  • Visualize your digital supply chain and understand third party cyber risks that impact your business
  • Know active threats to your business and information from dark web markets and forums

SurfWatch Analytics API

The SurfWatch Analytics API delivers a near real-time feed of evaluated cyber threat intelligence, pulling from open and restricted data sources such as:

  • Social media, news and blogs
  • Threat, phishing and vulnerability data feeds
  • Dark Web markets and forums
  • Paste sites
  • Security vendors
  • Government breach reports
  • End users and suppliers

This highly relevant, timely and evaluated cyber threat intelligence can be easily integrated with your existing SIEM and cyber security environment to compare the threats you're facing to what you're seeing inside your network.

SurfWatch Analytics API integrates evaluated threat intelligence with your SIEM or other security tools.