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Getting Started

Queried API Quick Start Guide

In the Queried Quick Start Guide, see sample code and understand how to easily integrate SurfWatch Analytics with your environment.

Realtime API Quick Start Guide

With the Realtime Quick Start Guide, learn how to get SurfWatch Analytics pushed to your endpoint(s) in real-time.


API Endpoints

See our full API Endpoints documentation.

API Object Models

View all of the API Object Models.

Interactive API

Explore the API through our Interactive Swagger API ( you will need your SurfWatch Labs API app-id and app-key - if you don't have them you can retrieve your app-id and regenerate your app-key at My API Profile ).


CyberInsights are prepackaged risk analytics that help you answer critical cybersecurity questions. See examples of CyberInsights, including sample code.

What threats are active?

See the threats that could impact business, and how they are trending. Learn How

How might active threats impact business unit goals?

Not all threats are equal. See the trending effects and how they impact business unit goals. Learn How

What business systems could be effected?

What business systems and assets are being most effected? Learn How

What are the consequences if the threat does occur?

Identify the real impacts of a threat, and see if your assets are vulnerable and to what end. Learn How

Does the consequence impact revenue, customer or product generating activities?

Looking at the cyber world at a higher level, how prevalent are the threats to your customers, revenue and production? Learn How

What are the active software vulnerabilities?

Get an overview of the software vulnerability landscape, and see if software you leverage is at risk. Learn How

What are the new attacks being seen?

Be proactive and see what attack vectors are being used that have not been seen before. Learn How

Did cybercrime activity change drastically in a given area?

Get significant threat indicators computed so you easily identify anomalies. Learn How