Cyber Risk Reports
Learn Cybersecurity
Trends and Insights
for Your Industry

Gain Immediate Understanding of Cybersecurity Trends

SurfWatch Cyber Risk Reports combine automated cyber data collection and analytics along with expert human intelligence to give you the necessary insights regarding the latest cyber activity trends and potential impact to your business. These in-depth reports help you understand:

  • What systems and information were attacked
  • Who was behind the attacks and who to watch
  • When the attacks occurred
  • What attack techniques were used
  • What the impact was of the attack
  • How to turn this information into actionable intelligence for your organization

Cyber risk reports provide finished threat intelligence that you can use to improve your defenses

The SurfWatch analyst team writes easily consumable intel reports to address identified risks or to answer customer research requests, including:

  • Intel on the specific threat such as: where it’s been seen, what vulnerabilities it leverages, how it works, and the potential impact
  • Intel on the the threat relates to your business
  • Confidence score with evidence and logic to back it up
  • Best practice risk mitigation steps for addressing the identified threat