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Using Strategic and Operational Threat Intelligence to Reduce Adversary Opportunities

Threat intelligence strategist and former CISO available for interviews

October 25, 2016 – Sterling, VA – Adversaries rely on three things in order to effectively carry out an attack: Intent, Capability and Opportunity. While organizations and agencies cannot do much about an adversary’s intent or capability, they can leverage threat intelligence to gain visibility of an attacker’s opportunity level and apply intelligence-driven security across their infrastructure, operations and supply chain.

Former Washington Metro Area Transit Authority CISO and current Chief Security Strategist at cyber threat intelligence firm SurfWatch Labs, Adam Meyer, will present how strategic and operational threat intelligence can be used to reduce an adversary's opportunity and ultimately change cybersecurity outcomes on October 27 from 8:30am-9:20am at the ISACA National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC) “Trends in Cybersecurity” Conference. Meyer is available for in-person interviews on October 27th immediately before and after his presentation, which will examine:

  • The differences between tactical, operational and strategic threat intelligence
  • How organizations can use strategic and operational intelligence to bridge the cyber risk gap between security and business operations
  • A real-life scenario of how threat intelligence is used to reduce the threat surface for an actor to exploit

The NCAC will host the ISACA Cybersecurity Conference on October 27 at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn @ Key Bridge in the Rosslyn Ballroom at 1900 North Fort Myer Drive in Arlington, VA. Event registration is available online.

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SurfWatch Labs helps organizations and service providers quickly establish a strategic cyber threat intelligence operation that drives more effective use of their tactical defenses. Founded in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts, SurfWatch Labs solutions provide a 360-degree view of cyber threats in the context of your business, along with practical and personalized support to create immediate insights and meaningful action. Combining useful analytics, applications and human expertise, SurfWatch solutions can be your off-the-shelf, cyber threat intelligence team or delivered as a comprehensive product suite that easily integrates with your existing cybersecurity operations.

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