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How to Tell if Your Organization is a Victim on the Dark Web: Tech Birmingham Keynote on Oct 20

Threat intelligence firm founder and former government analyst available for interviews

October 14, 2015 – Birmingham, AL – Why and how organizations should consider Dark Web cyber threat intelligence as a major component of their cybersecurity strategy will be discussed at Tech Birmingham on October 20. Former government analyst and founder of cyber threat intelligence firm SurfWatch Labs, Jason Polancich will present how the Dark Web is an increasingly used marketplace for cybercrime goods and services from 11:30am – 1pm. He is available for in-person interviews on October 20 immediately before and after the session.

In the session, Dark Web and Cybercrime: Skeletons in Your Company's Closet, participants will learn how the Dark Web represents a rich source of threat intelligence information proactive security teams can use to stay ahead of critical vulnerabilities and slow the negative impact to an organization before it starts. Things commonly found on the Dark Web today:

  • Hacking for hire campaigns along with resumes of prior conquests and targets
  • General and specific exploits for sale (malware aimed at particular targets or businesses)
  • Vulnerabilities for sale (hacked accounts, back-doors)
  • Stolen intellectual property, financial information and PII
  • Spam and phishing campaigns for hire
  • Doxxing and investigation for hire (is your competition snooping you?)
  • Hacktivist and other targeting forums (who is about to get hit with a DDOS and other gossip)
  • Insider threat for hire

Monitoring the Dark Web is an increasingly critical component to the security of any organization. Polancich will provide specific cybercrime examples on the Dark Web and share insights on how to collect, analyze and act on this intelligence to eliminate a major blind spot in an organization's cybersecurity operation.

Tech Birmingham is held at the Burr and Foreman Auditorium, 420 N. 20th Street in Birmingham. Registration is available at

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