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SurfWatch Labs Launches Personalized Dark Web Cyber Risk Intelligence Service

Now Organizations Can Gain Visibility of Dark Web Threats and Beyond, and Create the Proper Risk Management Response Plans

June 30, 2015 — Sterling, VA - SurfWatch Labs, a provider of cyber risk intelligence solutions, today announced the general availability of a personalized cyber risk intelligence service that provides focused, in-depth research and analysis of the organization's high level threat and risk environment from the Dark Web. This service is delivered in conjunction with a suite of SurfWatch Apps to provide a comprehensive, 360 degree view of the cyber threats facing an organization.

"Traditional cyber threat intelligence feeds can't provide an organization with the necessary insights around what sensitive information was stolen and how it is being used and sold on the Dark Web," said Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect, SurfWatch Labs. "This personalized cyber risk intelligence service we're offering provides organizations with their own concierge service, if you will, for understanding the risk they face from the Dark Web and even 'darker' sources that could harm a business such as illicit trade in stolen IP or malware-laden spam delivery."

As an extension of this Dark Web Intelligence service, SurfWatch Labs has formed a partnership with DarkNet BlackOps Intelligence (DBI), which has significant experience in Cyber HUMINT and BlackOps. DBI works with national, international and select intelligence agencies in addition to having "on-the-ground" assets who can provide vital intelligence and profiling of adversaries.

"By working with partners such as DBI, we can further extend the efforts of SurfWatch Analysts to drill even deeper into the Dark Web and to collect sensitive cyber intelligence on threats to a specific organization," said Todd While, VP of Business Development, SurfWatch Labs.

"Our partnership with SurfWatch Labs allows organizations to quickly gain unfettered access to the darkest parts of the cyber world and understand what sensitive information of theirs is breached, and how that information is being used against them, so they can implement the most effective response plan," said Celia Alcantara, CEO, DBI.

How the Personalized Dark Web Intelligence
Service Works:

SurfWatch works with participating customers to create a personalized cyber risk dossier. Once the customer approves the dossier, SurfWatch Analysts and partners such as DBI, conduct in-depth, laser-focused Dark Web research, data collection and analysis.

SurfWatch's Dark Web data research includes, but is not limited to the following threats facing an organization:

  • Hacking for Hire
  • General and Specific Cyber Exploits for Sale
  • Vulnerabilities for Sale
  • Stolen Intellectual Property, Designs and Counterfeits
  • Spam and Phishing Campaigns for Hire
  • Doxxing and Investigation for Hire
  • Hacktivist Targeting Forums
  • Insider Threat for Hire

The Dark Web cyber intelligence findings are captured and communicated by SurfWatch Analysts using the advanced, private, and secure capabilities within the SurfWatch suite of products.

The SurfWatch Dark Web Intelligence service is $100,000 per year and includes licenses to SurfWatch C-Suite and Cyber Risk Cloud. Request a consultation around building your personalized Dark Web risk profile.

About SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch Labs was formed in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts to help organizations understand their unique cyber risks from a higher level, business intelligence perspective. SurfWatch cyber risk intelligence solutions provide relevant, timely and tailored information that allows you to:

  • Easily visualize and comprehend how cybercrime affects all aspects of the business
  • Continuously monitor cyber risk key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Ensure that the most effective risk management strategies are implemented

Instead of providing overwhelming amounts of low-level threat intelligence that can bury an information security team in data, SurfWatch delivers cyber risk insights in a complete business context – so you immediately know your greatest exposures, the impact on your business and how to quickly mitigate the risk.

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