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SurfWatch Labs Announces Mobile Version of its Flagship Cyber Risk Intelligence Application that Provides Immediate Insights into Cybersecurity KPI's

Latest Release of SurfWatch C-Suite Delivers Personalized Cyber Risk Analysis and Meaningful Alerts to Stay Out in Front of Relevant Threats

January 12, 2014 — Sterling, VA - SurfWatch Labs, a provider of cyber risk intelligence solutions, today announced the latest version of SurfWatch C-Suite, an executive-level dashboard application that provides personalized KPI-driven analytics and insights to help measure and drive an organization's cybersecurity strategy. This new release of SurfWatch C-Suite gives executives continuous, real-time visibility of their organization's cyber risks and impacts - at anytime, anywhere - through optimized Apple IOS and Google Android apps.

With SurfWatch C-Suite, executives can quickly visualize, comprehend and effectively position the organization's cyber risk posture through a straightforward view of what cyber risks may impact the business. The application enables board directors to increase their awareness of the cyber risks facing the organization, ensure the appropriate allocation of resources and take prudent steps to protect shareholders, customers, the company's brand reputation and critical assets.

"The traditional approach to addressing cybersecurity issues is to bolt on more tools and layers without really understanding where the greatest organizational risks and impacts are," said Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect, SurfWatch Labs. "Through a higher level, KPI-driven approach, SurfWatch C-Suite provides the necessary visibility and business context so that executives and security teams can more easily communicate and make the most effective risk management decisions. This mobile version is the foundation for providing the most timely, and contextually relevant, cyber risk intelligence - all based on a user's profile – regardless of when and where you are."

Additional new features announced today include:

  • Enriched analysis of cybersecurity strategy and trending risks – SurfWatch C-Suite translates the complex cyber world into information and metrics that allow users to immediately visualize security coverage gaps, problem areas relative to industry, underfunding or overspending on certain cyber risks, and quickly identify the most effective allocation of cybersecurity resources.
  • Automated alerts based on user profile – Instead of pouring through overwhelming, hard-to-understand threat data streams, SurfWatch C-Suite automatically delivers meaningful cyber risk alerts based on the criteria set in the user profile. Alerts include critical information such as threat data, industries impacted and action items relevant to your key business areas to help quickly mitigate risks.
  • Enhanced personalization of cyber risk dashboards – SurfWatch C-Suite enables cyber risk visualization and reporting to be tailored specifically to an organization through a multi-dimensional, configurable profile. Organizations can monitor cyber risks to their brand and reputation, supply chain – both upstream and downstream, subsidiaries, customers, and partners. Additionally, SurfWatch C-Suite dashboards can be easily customized by users to support specific risk visualization and reporting needs.
  • Simplified collaboration, information sharing and reporting – All cyber risk insights and KPI's provided by SurfWatch C-Suite can be easily exported as a standard PNG file to include in management presentations and board reports.
  • Cyber risk reports with prescriptive mitigation steps – SurfWatch C-Suite subscribers will also now have access to monthly cyber risk reports that provides insights and commentary from SurfWatch data analysts on the latest cyber trends along with prescriptive mitigation steps for how to address.
  • New cyber risk widgets – Additional dashboard widgets include the ability to visualize new and trending software vulnerabilities and malware. Users can also compare the cyber risks in their organization's industry to all other industries for a more holistic view.
The SurfWatch C-Suite application is built on top of the SurfWatch Analytic which aggregates structured and unstructured data from numerous industry-specific sources, security vendors, social media, news feeds, partners and end users, and leverages a proprietary analytics engine to transform streams of raw cyber data into highly relevant, timely and tailored cyber risk intelligence. SurfWatch C-Suite pricing starts at $10,000 and is available now online, as well as in iTunes and the Google Play Store.

About SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch Labs was formed in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts to help organizations understand their unique cyber risks from a higher level, business intelligence perspective. SurfWatch cyber risk intelligence solutions provide relevant, timely and tailored information that allows you to:

  • Easily visualize and comprehend how cybercrime affects all aspects of the business
  • Continuously monitor cyber risk key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Ensure that the most effective risk management strategies are implemented

Instead of providing overwhelming amounts of low-level threat intelligence that can bury an information security team in data, SurfWatch delivers cyber risk insights in a complete business context – so you immediately know your greatest exposures, the impact on your business and how to quickly mitigate the risk.

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