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SurfWatch Labs Announces Availability of Cyber Risk Business Intelligence Application that is Purpose-Built for C-Level Executives and Board Members

SurfWatch C-Suite is the First of Several Targeted SurfWatch Apps that Provides Instant Visibility of Cyber Risk KPIs

September 16, 2014 — Sterling, VA - SurfWatch Labs, a provider of cyber risk intelligence solutions, announced the general availability of SurfWatch C-Suite, an interactive dashboard application designed specifically to give corporate executives and board members the ability to easily and immediately understand cyber risk KPIs.

SurfWatch C-Suite helps business executives quickly understand and better manage the organization's cyber risk posture through a straightforward view of what cyber risks may impact the business. The application enables board members to increase their awareness of the cyber risks facing the organization, ensure the appropriate allocation of resources and take prudent steps to protect shareholders, customers, the company's brand reputation and critical assets. With SurfWatch C-Suite, all business decision-makers can adopt a best practice approach to cybersecurity and make faster, more informed risk management decisions.

"Traditional cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect organizations against specific threats, and do not enable the higher level awareness and comprehension that business executives and board members need to effectively manage their company's cyber risk posture and implement sound risk governance practices," said Dave Ellison, President and CEO, SurfWatch Labs. "By providing instant visibility of cyber risk KPIs, SurfWatch C-Suite ensures that the business is not 'flying blind' when it comes to cybersecurity, enabling timely and effective risk management decisions."

Through SurfWatch C-Suite, executives and board members can monitor their industry's cyber risk score and use cyber risk KPIs to answer critical questions such as:

  • What is my industry's current and trending cyber risk score? What are the top cyber issues and trends for my industry? What's the impact and what does it mean to my company?
  • How does my current cybersecurity budgets and expenditures compare to the most prevalent and trending cyber threats in my industry?
  • Is the risk landscape trending higher or lower over time, and what are the determining factors?
  • Who is getting hit by cyber problems? Who is responsible, how is it happening, and what are the effects?
  • How can we be alerted to relevant cyber risks, without inundating our staff with hard-to- understand threat data streams?

"As a software solution provider, we regularly receive questions from our customers and business partners about our cybersecurity practices and what we do to mitigate cyber risks," said Chris Broderick, CEO, Terrago Technologies. "SurfWatch C-Suite enables my Board and Executive Team to stay abreast of the latest cyber risks, trends and potential impacts so that we can make informed decisions and take appropriate steps to protect the business and demonstrate to our customers that we are diligent when it comes to cyber risk."

"With confidential information breaches occurring almost daily and causing major harm to businesses large and small, the cybersecurity stakes now sit squarely with the Board of Directors in most organizations," said Anne Hale Miglarese, Independent Board Member at Terrago Technologies and President and CEO of PlanetIQ. "Cyber risks must be fully considered in the broader discussions around risk management and corporate governance practices, and SurfWatch C-Suite helps our Board stay current, informed and engaged such that we can provide more effective oversight of the business and its executive team."

The SurfWatch C-Suite application is built on top of SurfWatch Analytic which aggregates structured and unstructured data from numerous industry-specific sources, security vendors, social media, news feeds, partners and end users, and leverages a proprietary analytics engine to transform streams of cyber data into highly relevant, timely and tailored cyber risk intelligence.

SurfWatch C-Suite is the first of several SurfWatch Apps, cybersecurity reporting and dashboard applications purpose-built for specific roles and industries. SurfWatch C-Suite is available now online at SurfWatch Labs. Pricing starts at $10,000.

About SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch Labs delivers cyber risk intelligence solutions that help organizations understand the potential for cyber-attacks, determine the impact to their business and proactively address threats head on.

SurfWatch Labs was formed in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts to go beyond the low-level threat intelligence approach that can drown organizations in data. By aggregating and automatically analyzing vast amounts of data from a wide range of structured and unstructured sources, SurfWatch enables organizations to zero in on their unique cyber risk profile and ensure the most effective risk management strategies are identified and implemented.

With SurfWatch, organizations can immediately understand and act on their cyber risk. SurfWatch Labs: Cyber In Sight. For more information, visit

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