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SurfWatch Labs Founder and Chief Architect Confirmed as Keynote Speaker at CL@B XIV

August 26, 2014 — Sterling, VA — SurfWatch Labs, a provider of cyber risk intelligence solutions, announced that its Founder and Chief Architect, Jason Polancich, will give a keynote address at CL@B XIV on Wednesday, September 10 in Panama City on "Completing the Risk Picture: Adding a Business Intelligence and Collaborative Approach to Cybersecurity".

Polancich is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. intelligence community and an expert on complex internet security and cyber-defense problems. Prior to his role as Chief Architect at SurfWatch Labs, Polancich led the development of some of the largest data warehouse and analysis systems put into operation within the U.S. government and defense contracting sectors. Polancich explores the latest cybersecurity trends in his regular SecurityWeek column. His keynote will examine how a business intelligence and collaborative approach to cybersecurity can help financial institutions quickly reduce their risk.

"Financial institutions are under great pressure to protect sensitive information, but traditional cybersecurity approaches don't provide the complete picture of cyber risk," said Polancich. "What's missing is the human-level analysis and understanding that is possible through a business intelligence and collaborative approach to cybersecurity among firms."

CL@B is an annual meeting of IT managers and high level executives responsible for risk management and the operation of the many different business concerns of financial institutions to facilitate the exchange of current knowledge, ideas and experience concerning technological solutions for the Latin American financial sector.

"While financial institutions spend inordinate amounts of resources on risk management and cybersecurity, information sharing lags behind cybercriminals who communicate and collaborate in real time," said Polancich. "Effectively looking at cyber risk from all angles requires taking an outside-in approach as well as the internal review. Through this lens, firms can start answering questions such as 'What are the top threats to our customer-facing systems?'"

Polancich will deliver his keynote address at 11:15am ET on Wednesday, September 10. Registration for CL@B XIV is available now at

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