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HackSurfer Launches World's First Online Network For Cybercrime Defense

New Firm Closes the Gap in Cybercrime Threat Awareness with Massive-Scale Data Analysis and Social Media Collaboration for Targeted Businesses

GLENELG, Md., Oct. 8, 2013 — HackSurfer, LLC, the world's first online cybersecurity intelligence network, has announced the launch of its service to the public. Facilitated by a first-of-its-kind social media platform, HackSurfer provides comprehensive data, tools, insights and analysis around cybercrime and cybersecurity issues for targeted businesses and enables the open, transparent and collaborative exchange of threat data.

Founded by Jason Polancich and Rebekah Lewis-Polancich, U.S. Intelligence Community veterans with more than 40 years combined experience, and with an advisory board of former U.S. Intelligence Community cybersecurity experts, analysts, engineers and linguists, HackSurfer brings deep expertise in complex internet security and cyberdefense issues, cloud architecture, distributive computing, data analysis, systems integration and social media collaboration. Among its core offerings are:

  • Real-time cybercrime news and insights — Breaking developments in, for and about the cybersecurity community

  • By-industry cybercrime analysis — Daily Risk Ratings, Gravity Ratings, and breakdowns of cybercrime targets, effects, practices and actors

  • Social media SurfBoard — First-of-its-kind platform for collaborative sharing of cybersecurity information, data and developments for businesses and organizations

"With over 1.5 million victims per day and at an estimated annual cost of $100 billion, global cybercrime is fueled by the willingness of criminal groups to share information with each other about targets and practices," said Mr. Polancich. "The bad guys learn, share and collaborate but until now, commercial enterprises have been unwilling or unable to do the same. Our mission is to address this critical disconnect, using our expertise in massive-scale analytics and smart data to continuously monitor and report on cybercrime activity in order to facilitate collaboration between businesses."

With the launch of its powerful platform for sharing real-time information around cybersecurity issues, HackSurfer takes the collaborative model that hackers have used against their victims to create the first proactive community of mutual defense against cybercrime. The company leverages the power of social sharing and draws upon its expertise in data warehouses, analytics, and cloud technologies to monitor millions of web and social media sources, collecting, identifying and analyzing the full range of global cyber threats. HackSurfer delivers this critical information with daily Risk Ratings, Gravity Ratings, and breakdowns of cybercrime targets, effects, practices and actors, enabling businesses to proactively and collectively strengthen their defenses.

"Even the world's largest and most sophisticated companies are successfully targeted by cyber criminals because there has never been a central point for gathering, analyzing and understanding all cybercrime activity committed every day across the globe," said Mr. Polancich. "We unlock this essential information so that businesses can gain a greater awareness of the threats that affect their bottom lines, reputations, brands and markets."

HackSurfer's offerings are free, and include the HackSurfer ShareScore™, a unique measure of contributions made by participants to the greater awareness of cybercrime within the business community. Individual ShareScores are boosted by contributing articles, SurfBoard posts and comments, and by following key industries, other users and partner companies. Additional features and exposure are available through membership in HackSurfer Premium, including customized search and cybercrime alerts, plus automatic membership in the HackSurfer Exchange advertising program for companies.

HackSurfer founders Rebekah and Jason Polancich are former owners of Novii Design, a leading provider of advanced enterprise software and systems engineering services, which was sold to Six3 Systems in 2010. Under the Polancichs, Novii Design assisted the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense in building some of the largest data warehouse and analysis systems ever put into operation within the government and defense contracting sectors. Prior to Novii Design, Mr. Polancich assisted technology companies in building engineering practices around software, data and collaboration. He began his professional career 20 years ago, serving as a U.S. Army translator, intelligence analyst, software engineer, systems architect and corporate executive.

About HackSurfer, LLC

Founded in 2012 by Rebekah and Jason Polancich, HackSurfer is the only cybersecurity platform to leverage the power of social collaboration to provide businesses with accurate, timely and actionable insights regarding the current and future threats they face from global cybercrime activity. HackSurfer identifies and analyzes the actors, targets, effects and practices involved in cybercrime and make this information available in a variety of formats. Drawing upon extensive expertise in data warehouses, cloud technologies and social media tools, HackSurfer advances the business world's cybersecurity with an early warning system that breaks down information silos through collaboration and transparency.

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